Praises & Prayer Requests

1) Pray for the worship service this week.  Pray that our hearts, our minds and our bodies will be prepared to worship God in spirit and truth.  Pray also for the congregation.  Pray that God will guide us in every step and that we will abide by His will for us.


2) Pray for our church leaders.  Pray that God will give them wisdom and guidance in leading the congregation.


3) Pray for members of LWAC as we decide on ways for service and to utilize the gifts that God has given us.


4) Pray for our country as we need to share our love for others and forgive for past wrongs. May God's grace be glorified during this time of anger and fear.  Let us and our children be hopeful for the future.


5) Pray for everyone who is recoverying from an injury, sickness and allergies.


6) Pray for wisdom during the vaccine trial period as many mix information emerges from various sources.


7) Pray for our country as we go through this post election process.  We pray that we come together as one nation and may You be glorified through this difficult time.


8) Pray for all our missionaries throughout the world that their work will glorify God and His love for us all.  


9) Pray for the Crocker family as they mourn the passing of Loyd D. Crocker.




As individuals share their praises and prayer request to the church, we understand it may be expressed in confidence and may not want it to be displayed in a public forum such as this webpage.  Should there be an item that is considered private, please notify our Elder Board.