Upcoming Service Information



Despite Social Distancing and remote Sunday Service, LWAC is collecting a Love Offering for people in need.  If you are willing and able, please consider donating to the Love Offering.  Contact the Elder Board for further information.


In the abundance of caution, LWAC 2021 Church Retreat is canceled.  More information to follow for a 2022 retreat.


 7/18: This Sunday, GwiSook and Tim Hong will be joining us for service. I think we will be using the CE time to sit and talk with them. We will not be having a lunch time this Sunday (unless something changes).
 7/24 at 12pm EDT: Zoom time with Daniel and Kristine Chou to learn more about their ministry work and pray for them.
 7/30: there is a LWAC Friday fellowship scheduled but as of now nothing planned.  
 8/1, 8/8, 8/15: It looks like we have at least 3 families out on these 3 Sundays. No decision has been decided for Sunday Service for these dates.  More to follow.


For further church announcements & upcoming events, please go to LWAC's Google Calander.